View Full Version : Compact travel zoom cameras - surprise review winner

20-06-2010, 1:39pm
I just came across the latest Dpreview group test, and much to my surprise, a Samsung camera was the co-winner of the review, beating out the Panasonic TZ series who have traditionally owned this market segment.

Having a pocket camera with built-in gps and geotagging and a 28-360mm lens is kinda exciting, but is it the ideal second camera? I'm still thinking about that....

Does anybody own a Samsung WB650?

Anyhow, if you're in the market for a compact travel zoom, this is for you:



20-06-2010, 1:51pm
Samsung are good at everything they do, except for the things they haven't quite figured out yet, which are the things they will try extra hard on next year, so pretty soon they will be good at those things too.

20-06-2010, 2:46pm
Looks interesting. I was thinking of getting a micro-four thirds as a second camera. The slr isnt really for all occasssions. :p

20-06-2010, 5:22pm
Nah! The 1/2xx" sensor size packing 14 Mpix in some models!!! What are they saying that I'm missing? Geez, at least my sensor is larger than that. Am.