View Full Version : Little Boxes All The Same.

20-06-2010, 7:55am

The only high rise on the beachfront strip in Townsville.
Fortunately the City has limited the height of buildings to 3 storeys .
Still reminds me of post office boxes & or somewhere for pigeons to roost

Debra Faulkner
22-06-2010, 7:07pm
Ahh, good title JohnRA! Got me lookin' in ;) An interesting perspective of the building front. What caught my attention most in your shot (apart from the boxes) is the large number of air conditioners churning away to keep the occupants cool. I'm glad to read that the limit of building height is three storeys!

Aussie Battler
22-06-2010, 9:43pm
Yep, got me singing the song too. Great shot.

23-06-2010, 8:33am
Thanks for the comments, an old song but a good one, check the video someone put together with Pete Seeger's version.


23-06-2010, 9:51am
Yes, and no doubt all made of ticky tacky. I hate the high rise monstrosities, the Gold Coast is ruined by them (IMHO) and now they want to invade the Tweed!

Good image though, and it is thought provoking.