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Raaf Hornet
13-06-2010, 11:03am
Hi all, im looking to replace my Canon 50E film camera with a 50D or if I can reach it a 7D. My question is, is the auto focus speed in the body or in the lens. I like to take pics of military jets and will be getting a canon 100- 400 USM lens. Will there be any focusing speed difference in the 50 compared to the 7D ? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any info, Jeff

13-06-2010, 11:36am
both! Certainly the camera body plays a part, but so do the mechanics inside the lens. So there is no definitive answer, it really depends on the actual camera and lens combination being used at the time.

Steve Axford
13-06-2010, 1:09pm
Mostly the lens. The 100-400 isn't a very fast lens.

13-06-2010, 1:22pm
In good light I doubt you would notice a difference in speed between the 2.

Certainly the 7D will track better than the 50D