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fairy bombs
04-06-2010, 8:00pm
Hi Folks

Just a thank you to the people on AP,for help in information on items I have been looking at purchasing over the last few months.Well I finally got the kit I asked about.A canon 50D and a 17-55 F 2.8 IS lens I have enclosed a couple of photos,and also a few basic test photos from our garden of a yellow butterfly (yellow migrant),I am happy with the gear.

I had thought about a 7D,but I prefer to spend money on lenses (preferably L) so decided to save money, for them.

the 17-55 is really nice,thanks again for everyone's help.

regards FB:)

04-06-2010, 8:13pm
Woohoo Congrats on the new gear!!! I just got a new DSLR last night and can't wait to go birding.

Nice shot's. Were they at f/2.8? DOF looks shallow!

fairy bombs
04-06-2010, 8:23pm
Speed 2000 F 5.6 iso 250 55mm as close as I could get,I was'nt very far away from the butterfly,I was pleased with blue bokeh

04-06-2010, 8:31pm
And the yellow really pokes you in the eye(if you know what I mean)

05-06-2010, 7:28pm
Congrats, you will get some greats images with that kit out. Look forward to what you can get birding now. I have been tempted to buy the 7d too, but I am still buying my lens at the moment.

I got my bag by the way - loweprow 400w - does the job.

05-06-2010, 9:05pm
Nice outfit - particularly nice lens. It will serve you well for ages.

Mary Anne
05-06-2010, 9:14pm
Congrats on that new outfit.. :th3:

06-06-2010, 3:57pm
The new gear looks and sounds great.Love the colour in the butterfly wings.