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29-05-2010, 10:46am
Please can anyone tell me about this glass.It's a 80-200 Can I use this on pentax k7 if I can get a adapter?

30-05-2010, 4:05pm
A lot more information needed to answer this question.

for a start is it for pentax ?

Is it a screw mount ?

and a few other variables needed

I @ M
30-05-2010, 4:13pm
Kicko, makinon made lenses for the specific cameras in the same way that Sigma and Tamron do.

If your lens is a Pentax K mount then it will fit on your K7 presumably but if it was made originally for a Canon , Nikon or a Minolta then i think you will be out of luck.

Take a pic of the lens mount (camera end of the lens) and post it here and some knowledgeable person will be able to identify it.