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28-05-2010, 7:18pm
Hi All,
In the next few months i am planning on upgrading from the D60 that i have now. I was thinking full frame and whilst i would love a D3, the price is not justified at the moment. So was thinking D700. Is it really worth the extra coin over a D300 ??? I shoot a bit of everything, but mainly landscape with a view to get more into portraiture.
I know that it is a bit of an open ended question, but would appreciate any thoughts.
As an aside, i need to basically acquire all new lenses so the difference of being able to use current lenses is not really an issue ( dx v's fx )


I @ M
28-05-2010, 7:27pm
So was thinking D700. Is it really worth the extra coin over a D300 ??? I shoot a bit of everything, but mainly landscape with a view to get more into portraiture.

Simon, as a landscape and portrait camera the D700 will be worth the extra coin for you.

If however you decide to start photographing birds and the local footy matches you will miss the crop factor that the D300 offers.

As a conservative estimate the D700 will be 30% ahead of the D300 for purely portraits and landscapes but 70% behind the D300 as a camera for any "action" shots at a distance.

Welcome to the world of NAS, there is no one shoe fits all solution. :D

29-05-2010, 1:26pm
I have and use both the Nikon D300 and D700. If you can afford it the full frame D700 is certainly worth the extra cost particulary when you get into expensive glass.

29-05-2010, 2:43pm
I have a D3 and a D700, and I hardly use the D3 at all. I moved up to these from a D300. I agree with Andrew, and would add that the clean high ISO performance of the FF bodies exceeds that of the D300 by some margin. Either way you would have a great upgrade from the D60, and any older AF lenses would then AF on those bodies too.

29-05-2010, 6:29pm
Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.
I know that the D300 is a capable body as my dad has 1 and has no real complaints.
Would you consider the D700 as an "entry level" FF, in that apart from the ff it has no real advantage over say the D300, or am i just looking at it the wrong way ????


I @ M
29-05-2010, 7:04pm
Simon, put as simply as I can.

The D300 is the best crop sensor camera on the market for all the situations that a crop sensor camera may need to be used in. That applies only if you have a good stock of Nikon compatible lenses, if you are fresh into the market the Pentax K7 wins on features, quality and price.

If you need the low pixel density advantage that the 'full frame' cameras have to offer then the D700 or D3 series are the perfect choice and in no way are they entry level to the 'full frame' market.

Truly, the D300 and the D700 are designed for different needs of photographers, look back at my first post in here and decide where your photographic needs fall in relation to the sensor size. If you want to commit most of your shots to portraits or landscapes the D700 is the choice, however if you want to photograph a lot more than that the D300/s is the ONLY choice.

29-05-2010, 7:21pm
Thanks Andrew, i appreciate your honest feedback. Like i initiqally said, it will be a couple of months before i take the jump, but was curious to see some "hands on " feedback from other forum members. Whilst looking around at pricing and features lately i realised that the jump from D300 to 700 was really only a thousand or so dollars, which is what got me thinking in the first place.
On a side note, would you consider it more expensive to acquire good lenses for a dedicated ff as apposed to the DX sensor ( D300 ).


I @ M
29-05-2010, 7:31pm
It is always going to be expensive to acquire lenses ( dx or fx ) that do a good job.

More through good luck than good management we started acquiring various bits and pieces in the lens department that complimented full frame bodies rather than just APSC cameras.
If you are buying brand new to the market lenses to suit a Nikon you will pay a price premium but if you are prepared to buy second hand lenses with an excellent reputation at a relatively bargain price then most of the Nikon lenses for the last 30 + years will work well on ANY Nikon camera body you buy.

29-05-2010, 7:35pm
Mongo does not have any of the bodies you mentioned. He has a D200 and is thinking upgrade also

However, no point in going to D300. Best wait and go the D700. However again, not the current D700 – wait for the upgrade of the D700. If it is too expensive when it comes out, then grab a bargain current model D700 at that time. That is what Mongo is going to do.

FX will be the way of the future whether we like it or not and that is where all the new goodies will be created for.

29-05-2010, 7:53pm
what exactly is the problrm with the D60 for landsacpes and portraits ?

The D3 is exactly the wrong camera for you

29-05-2010, 9:24pm
Mongo that is exactly what i have been thinking, just waiting to see when the new D700 comes out... talk has been around for a while from what i have read.....
Kiwi, the D60 is a great little camera that i have learnt a lot on and takes quite good shots... i guess it would be nice to have a camera that will allow me a little more freedom over a larger scope of situations. In saying that i like to take landscape and portrait shots is a generalisation, and the option of such things as a higher iso quality and more points of auto focus etc would be nice.
Saying that i would like teh D3 is a little like saying i would like a lamborghini. Its the best there is, looks nice, and will get me from a to b, but i dont really need, nor can afford it. Everyone to some extent wants a little more than they can have.....Can i take all the shots i do now with a D3, yeah sure, do i need a D3 to do it... not really. Would i still like one ?.... yeah why not !!!!