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26-05-2010, 3:18pm
Hey, where do you guys process your films in Melbourne? Like, cheapest and good? :D

26-05-2010, 3:30pm
Wouldn't have a clue, but I pay $5-6 for either 120 or 35mm 24 and 36 exp. That's through two local places whose names both start with "Camera" and end with an element of "Doghouse". Am.

26-05-2010, 3:48pm
Ah, I actually paid $23.95 or something for 36 B&W. Am I overcharged?

26-05-2010, 3:51pm
No. That would be for prints too. I only meant the film, thinking that you also did. The last time I got prints too it cost about 20c per print plus $6, so that about squares with your figure. That was about 6 yrs ago. Am.

PS. I don't get prints done with film because I usually don't take world-shattering shots and all the prints take up space. I (used to) scan the good negs, and they ended up as files on the HDD. A local store does offer a scan service, but I understood their process resulted in jpegs only, and I suspected at not a great resolution. Am.

26-05-2010, 7:38pm
Mine is only for scans, no prints. Meh.. I'm being ripped off?

26-05-2010, 7:57pm
Ahh! Hang on! I misread your earlier post. You say B&W. Now I think that falls into the "we'll tell you it's a specialised process" class of ruse. Yes. Now that you say that, I recall that I vaguely asked about it some couple of years ago only to mentally note that I wouldn't have to worry about paying for that.

HOWEVER, I think I will have to defer to a more considered opinion, so I'll chuck it back into the forum. It does sound a lot, though.
(PS: I've still got my developing tank that will do up to 120. I might have to start thinking about it as something other than just a quaint piece from the past.)

27-05-2010, 10:59am
I pay $7 for 24 colour negative develop and index print only. No scans. $8 for 36. Same price for C41 B&W.
$23 for B&W. Is that for silver halide film like FP4 and HPS? Usually hand processed I was told.

27-05-2010, 4:53pm
I'm actually having HP5.. done at Michael's. Is the price alright then?

28-05-2010, 10:57am
Just dunno. Yesterday I asked the local CH store. He said $9, but that was just after he said he didn't do it on site and he hadn't sent any away for a while. (I took it he meant, "Don't bring any here to do.") You might have to ask at a couple of other places. But if you'll be doing a bit, have you considered processing it yourself? Am

28-05-2010, 11:13pm
The folk at Clarendon Pharmacy & Photo Shop might be able to help. As I understand it, they have a proper lab, not just a big printer out the back but I think they might send B+W elsewhere..not sure coz it's at least 4 years since I had any B&W done. I get colour prints and odd sizes done with them and I find them very good. Anyway, they're at 343 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, ph: 9699 2042.

03-06-2010, 9:27pm
B+W you should do at home. Way cheaper.

Lab-x in st kilda get all of my colour films to develop when i'm melbourne. When I'm OS i typically save the hassle of finding a decent lab and do it myself.