View Full Version : Provide a caption for this guy:::

16-05-2010, 8:49am
Yesterday I was in town for the arrival of Jessica Watson and got these shots of the PM. They are terrible shots, but I love the expressions. There must be some funny captions to go with them?...



16-05-2010, 9:01am
"they think im a guy" .................. No offence ,lol

I @ M
16-05-2010, 9:02am
" Next time round (if there is one ) I am going to get PR person who WON'T tell me to go suck a lemon"

16-05-2010, 9:07am
I am going to close this thread, it conflicts with our regular members challenge of "Caption This".

Darren, have a look in the members challenge forum, have a go, and when you win one, you can create the next one.