View Full Version : best lens for face and wrinkles?

10-05-2010, 9:01pm
I have a Canon 550d (Cropped sensor) and wondering what is the best lens to capture facial work( I am a facial surgeon-cosmetic) as well as varicose veins, spider veins on face and legs, etc

So lens work to take standard detailed picture--like whole face
then different views-lateral, etc

I currently use Canon 85mm f/1.8--i love this lens but find i have to stand so far back and it doesnt give me zoom aspects--like view around eyes, etc

Do i need macro--if so which one? Do i need L series?
What about 135mm?

help please?

10-05-2010, 9:05pm
cheapest option would be to put extension tubes on your 85 1.8

there are lots of macros, they are all good, and covered to death in previous threads if you search

10-05-2010, 11:14pm
Grab yourself a 100mm f2.8 macro.

Comes in two varieties, L (with IS) and non-L.

Both good, both cheap.

Mr Lensbaby
11-05-2010, 1:03pm

James T
11-05-2010, 1:23pm
You need a sharp portrait lens which you have (a very good one) in the 85 mm. Without looking it up, I'd expect minimum focus distance isn't too bad on that, but if you need to get in very close, then the Canon 100mm macros are good. Sigma also make very nice macro lenses around 100-150mm.

There are shorter macro lenses like Canon's 60mm for example, but you'd probably be better served with a slightly longer focal length so you're not right up in people's faces to take photos.