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10-05-2010, 1:34pm
Despite the K-x being available in liquorish all-sorts colours Pentax (and Hoya) are happily in the black (Profit for FY ending March) :th3:
This is great news considering the GFC

Financial reports here:

3. Pentax
In medical endoscopes, restrained buying by medical organizations continued due to the economic
slump after the financial crisis. Therefore, sales remained on almost the same level as the previous

In the digital camera area, the number of single-lens reflex cameras sold sharply increased from the
previous year, and overall sales rose despite fierce price competition with other companies.
As a result, sales for the quarter in this segment stood at 25,920 million yen. As for operating income
and loss, the effects of cost cutting achieved via reorganization during the previous year produced an
operating profit of 1,331million yen, showing a significant improvement in profitability compared to a
huge operating loss for the same quarter one year ago

13-05-2010, 2:51pm
Every year that I have owned a Pentax and gone into look at a lens or something some pimply faced kid in a camera shop has told me that Pentax is going broke and a canikon camera is the only choice I have - and every year Pentax still manage to put out something new and continue to grow.

Those of us in the know and do the research know just how good the Pentax cameras are and don't rely too much on ill informed kids in camera shops.

Don't know what relationship CRK has with the camera shops and info they give them on Pentax products - but I still remember the Gob smacked face on one of those pimply faced sales kids in a Perth camera store when he condescendingly told me a Pentax K20D couldn't possibly have live view as it was only something available on the higher end (more expensive Canikons)cameras; the look on his face when I showed him live view on the K20D was priceless.

Anyway I digress good to see Pentax getting its just rewards financially - unfortunately that means all that awesome old glass out there just got more expensive:rolleyes: