View Full Version : Q: Lighting for a Noob Portrait Shooter.

24-04-2010, 10:35pm
Hi All,

If I were to consider a lighting rig for full body portrait photography (potentially incorporating full body shots) in a studio, what lighting gear (lighting and stands) would you recommend as a starter kit?

I'd essentially want to reproduce great skin tones and professional quality lighting at a comfortable price.

What's the minimum rig and what might I add to that to get something a bit better than min?

25-04-2010, 10:22am
At the most basic level youll only need a plain wall, 2 x speedlights, and 2 x reflective umbrellas.

Reflective modifiers, as opposed to translucent ones which are more direct and "shapeable" (??), give much more of a light spread/spill/wraparound effect and are more suited to full body/broad light portraiture. Possibly a cheap set of triggers/receivers too if you wanna play with manual flash exposure and ratios.

IMHO , FORGET continuous lights. They usually run very hot, and models are most times very uncomfortable under them. Uncomfortable models, perspiration, and runny makeup makes for tough portrait photography. Flash is the way to go.

EDIT: Just re-read the OP ... if youre after something of good quality and affordable beyond speedlights, check out Alien Bees (http://www.paulcbuff.com.au/cms/) or Elinchrom D-Lites (http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/prod5296.htm). You can get twin monobloc head kits for under $1000 including softboxes and stands. This FlashPro kit (http://www.###########.com.au/product.asp?id=1489) is also pretty decent for $1500. Three lights gives you a pretty standard key/fill/hair or rim light set up. Ive used these flashes and flogged the hell out of them. They are super reliable in my experience.

26-04-2010, 7:39pm
Definitely check out an octobox, for really soft, even lighting. Universal-fitting octoboxes can be had on eBay for around $100.

27-04-2010, 8:14am
G'day Enduro

I am looking into something very close to your issue too ~ one of my huge deals is that it must be transportable which does affect things

I have been looking at these lights as a possibility - when I get home from my current lot of travels, I will eyeball them "in the flesh"...

It might help you - ends up as a matter of choice

Regards, Phil