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24-04-2010, 8:23pm
  I'mopening this post with a mention of the bridge collapse, but I'm not going to speak in length aboutit. Not that I don't care about it...Of course it was a horrible tragedy and my thoughts are with those affected. I'm sure everybody feels similarly. Besides,every news agency and website in the country is covering the story from every angleimaginable, andyou know how I feel about that (no? read this.).

  After watching a Mythbusters episode where they tried various ways to escape a car that's gone underwater,I thought it'd be good ifI bought a small emergency hammer and a spring-loaded center punch, both of which will break a car window. The emergency hammer I put in the console in my car, and the center punch I put in my bag (http://www.bagisgood.com), which I take pretty much anywhere I go.

  Have you ever wished you had a camera with you, but didn't because you didn't feel like carrying it around with you everywhere.Or when you need a piece of paper, but can never find anything to write on or anything to write with? That's the reasoning behind my bag and its contents. Plus I don't really like keeping things in my pockets.

  Here's a rundown of what you'll find in my bag (http://www.bagisgood.com):

  A small notebook and pens - for whenever I need to write something down for whatever reason...or if a spontaneous Scrabble game breaks out, it's nice to have something to keep score on.

  Camera - I also have a battery charger, just in case.

24-04-2010, 8:31pm
I'd love to be able to play scabble, but I cant speel or ad