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24-04-2010, 2:39am
hi, my first question for this forum.

when i shoot in RAW and the DR-O setting is 'ON' (usually its on level 2), why does the pictures on the camera screen show a nice and perfect brightness , but when i open it on my PC, it gets darker, and sometimes much more darker then the one shown on the camera screen?

and it doesn't happen if i shoot on JPEG format with DR-O on level 2.

is there a solution so that if i shoot RAW with DR-O 'on' , it wont get darker then the one shown on the camera screen?

thanks for the help.


I @ M
24-04-2010, 2:59am
bhotak, DR-O is a post processing stage in the camera software meaning that it will only show up as applied in JPEG images.

When you view the image on the cameras screen you are looking at a JPEG image taken from the raw file in the camera.

24-04-2010, 11:25am
As Andrew referred too, it will depend on the software you are using to view the images on your PC screen!

I've noted that FastStone Image viewer seems to maintain Nikon's Picture Control settings when displaying raw images, but that it uses the embedded jpg images to display the raw image.. not a TIFF file as Nikon's own editing software does.

Some programs use the embedded jpg in the raw file, and others may use a TIFF file generated by the raw data as an interpretation by the program.

ALSO!!! and very important is how your screen is calibrated/set for brightness.
If the image looks too dark on your PC screen, learn to read a histogram and verify that the image isn't dark because the screen brightness/contrast is set incorrectly by comparison. The histogram doesn't really lie about the brightness levels in the image.

26-04-2010, 1:11am
so it is better to not use the DR-O when shooting at RAW format?