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21-04-2010, 7:51pm
I have a Riva speedlite DSL20Afi-N, that I have tried to use on my Canon DSLR 400D. It is slow to go to ready and then when the flash is used it takes 4-5mins to be ready again.I did a google on the flash and I got one search.............and it said the flash was for a Pentax camera.
Does anyone know if this is correct??
This is my first post, if this post is in the wrong place could someone direct me to the correct thread.

JM Tran
21-04-2010, 8:15pm
its ok to use the flash on your Canon camera in Manual mode, or any modern DSLRs really, but the slow recycle time is due to several factors - such as if you are shooting at 1/1 power it takes longer for the flash to recycle for another shot at full power, type of battery is important too in flash power and recycling time.

Also, it is not an expensive flash so you cannot expect it to recycle as fast as the higher end flashes from say - Canon or Nikon etc

21-04-2010, 8:39pm
I was using it on auto..I have alkaline batteries in the flash now,shoould I be using another type??

21-04-2010, 8:42pm
Anne, I hope you will introduce yourself in the intro thread for new members and become a full participant, it's OK to ask questions, it's better to contribute