View Full Version : what film does every one use for 35mm

19-04-2010, 3:51pm
just had a thaught what film everyone uses at tafe we use ilford fp4 plus 125
and ilford hp5 plus 400 was wondering what others used and why whats diffrence

19-04-2010, 4:49pm
G'day JC

Hard to answer this Q these days with so many of us on digital...

But in my film days, I used FP4 almost exclusively, rated it between ISO-64 & ISO-1600 ... varied developing time and agitation to compensate and used to produce 16" x 20" prints quite okay.

Re: Agitation - it's needed to ensure that 'fresh' chemical is always in contact with the emulsion, but too much &/or too vigorous agitation produces lots of grain. So agitation was "two gentle tank inversions at the start, then one inversion per minute for next 5 minutes, then none at all till end of developing time ... often 8-15 minutes in total.

Developer was (mostly) Ilford ID-11 diluted at 1:1 or 1:3

Hope this assists somewhat

19-04-2010, 5:07pm
thanks for the reply we use id 11 at tafe cant wait to get back to tafe and get in the darkroom have like 5 rolls black and white to develope

20-04-2010, 8:18am
HP5 mostly; for C41 or transparency, whatever is handy.
ID11 for developing.

David Woods
22-04-2010, 2:58pm
I use velvia 50 a lot, it brings out the rich colours in the landscapes, but it's quite expensive in Australia, ultra max is a 400 negative film, which is cheap, fuji superior is a quick film for action, a bit grainy at times, for the black and whites I use fuji across, it's a 100 film very good film, kodak 125px, any of the kodak tmax films are good, on the fast films I prefer kodak T Max3200.
Its all a matter of trial and error, you will get to know what you like using in a short time, my photograhy teacher swore by fp4, but I am not that keen on it.
I find fuji has warmer colours than kodak.


JM Tran
22-04-2010, 3:04pm
If im still using film, Velvia slide films for sure, love love love the colours!

David Woods
22-04-2010, 4:47pm
I forgot to mention, I use T-Max developer, make sure you get the one for roll film and not sheet film unless you are developing sheet, a fotospeed stop bath, a paterson fixer and ILford wash and a kodak wetting agent, but with time you learn what you will like.

23-04-2010, 9:02am
Velvia for Slide, and Kodak Tri-X for b/w

24-04-2010, 1:01am
I agree with a few above posts:
Velvia for slides
Kodak as a general colour photo film
Agfa Superia as a backup
Ilford HP5 my favourite B&W
Kokdak TMax as a backup B&W

I generally find Fuji is best for landscapes because it's more sensitive to producing greens, and Kodak as a reasonably balanced film.

Have just moved to digital though... I used to do my own B&W developing and would still like to do more.

Good luck with your course!

28-04-2010, 6:52pm
I loved the Ilford 3200 - though mostly because I am addicted to true film grain the size of golfball holes.

I also loved Reala, it gives a beautiful realistic colour palette, nice saturation on reds and greens. Picks up skin tone beautifully too.

28-04-2010, 7:20pm
For me, I have become addicted to HP5+. It gives me the look I am after and is pretty easy to use. I have tried quite a few different films over the last 12 months, but I always seem to gravitate back to this.

For colour, I really like Fuji 160C. I was suprised by how good the colours were. Fuji 400H is also interesting, but I still probably prefer the 160C.

30-04-2010, 5:25pm
I like Kodak VC and UC 400.
Fuji Reala and Velvia 50, and finally TX400 for black and white.

01-05-2010, 12:00am
Just a comment: isn't it interesting how we each have our preferences, and based on our styles, processing methods, preferences and probably camera use and experience? :)

05-05-2010, 6:00pm
Fuji Acros is pretty hard to beat for my purposes in B&W. Fuji Astia F is possibly the greatest reversal film ever made and I am busting to give the Ektar 100 neg a run.

But mostly it is B&W for film shooting for me and Acros looks to be where it lives for me, followed by Pan F+, FP4+ and some HP5+


05-05-2010, 9:43pm
Rather partial to Astia 100F, Provia 400X for slides,
Superia Xtra-400 and Ektar 100 for colour negatives,
Tri-X, XP2, Adox CMS 20/Rollei ATP, Neopan 400 and Ilford PanF in the b&w world.
Here and there I try others, but end up coming back to the above.

08-05-2010, 9:44pm
HP5+ & FP4 exclusively now for B&W. 35mm and 120. D&P at home.
Colour - whatever is in the box in the fridge. All sorts of stuff, mostly Fuji, Velvia, Portra, el-cheapo Superia, a little kodak still left. Haven't actually purchased any new stock in a while, but I'm still slowly using it up. Popped a couple of rolls through the F4 a couple of weeks back and loved it! :D

19-05-2010, 5:07pm
Tri-X 400, pushed to 1600 when required (stand development). My fav :)

19-05-2010, 10:55pm
I'm pretty new to film (and photography for that matter) but I mainly use the cheaper stuff like Fuji Superia 200 or Reala 100 when I can get them (unfortunately now being discontinued I think?) Also Fujichrome Sensia E6 which I really liked.

I picked up some Velvia 100 last week for half price as it was a few months past it's use by date, I've shot a roll and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results when I pick them up tomorrow :eek:


20-05-2010, 6:24am
Velvia 50 for landscapes, or fortia if its available.
Ektar or Rollei CR200 (the e6 one) for general colour
64T for night
Rollei Retro 400, Neopan 400, ekfe 25 for B+W. Trix or neopan pushed to 6400 for low light stuff.
Rollei IR for B+W IR work and the hand rolled super expensive aerochrome stuff for CIR.

Same for my 120 work.

21-05-2010, 12:37pm
Usually shooting landscapes, so Velvia 50 for me as well. Nothing better than viewing the unmounted strips on a lightbox for the very first time.

21-05-2010, 1:38pm
I enjoy using ilford 3200 at iso 800....

24-05-2010, 8:38am
I'm pretty new to film (and photography for that matter) but I mainly use the cheaper stuff like Fuji Superia 200 or Reala 100 when I can get them (unfortunately now being discontinued I think?) Also Fujichrome Sensia E6 which I really liked.

I picked up some Velvia 100 last week for half price as it was a few months past it's use by date, I've shot a roll and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results when I pick them up tomorrow :eek:


Hi Steve, nice to see some people still really keen on film. I have a couple of old 35mm cameras but never learnt anything about photography until I bought a DSLR. How did your Velvia 100 pic turn out? :)


24-05-2010, 8:37pm
Most of my film shooting is black and white, and generally speaking I use either Kodak Plus-X 125iso or Kodak Tri-X 400iso depending on the situation. As far as the equivalent Ilford films go, I like FP4+ just as much as Plus-X, but Plus-X is cheaper. HP5+ is good but to me Tri-X just has that little something extra that appeals to me more.

26-05-2010, 3:17pm
Currently, using HP5.

04-07-2010, 8:01pm
Hello, what I used to use was Agfa 25asa/iso until it wasn't available anymore then Agfa 40asa/iso with Rodinal at a dilution of 1:100 to give me super sharp negatives and excellent tonal gradation. I found that the combination of Agfa film and Agfa developer gave the best results. The Ilford 50asa/iso just didn't cut the mustard for sharpness whilst Kodak 50asa/iso gave very good tones but it also wasn't sharp enough (for me anyway). For impact with reportage style photography tri-x 400asa/iso developed in Kodak D76 was great for impact!

The slow films were brilliant for portraits, as there were times when we were enlarging to 20x16 (inches). I spent around 30 years with photography and tried almost every combination at the time but, always came back to the Agfa combination. The secret (if there is one) is in using Rodinal at the highest dilution ratio. I have even tried 1:300 ratios, but the best overall with regards to time etc. was 1:100 ratio. I personally wouldn't use Rodinal with any film faster than 100asa/iso it was only meant for slow speed films. Regards Tony. :)

04-07-2010, 10:35pm
hi everyone ive been using

ilford fp4 125
ilford hp5 400

process and print the above myself

friend gave me a roll of fujichrome sensia 100 color slides havent used that before
kodak or fuji for color.. dont really shoot in color film

05-07-2010, 12:35am
i usually don't shoot chrome anymore, i much prefer the pastel colours i get from fuji 400h rated at about asa200. b&w can be pan f, tri-x, delta, hp5, fp4, or neopan varieties.


10-08-2010, 11:05pm
I have tried countless, and I have found the small handful which I usually trust and use.
Fuji Neopan 400 and 1600
Fuji Superia 400 and 1600
:) I'm a nocturnal beast. Most of the day time I hide in the office.

For my day shoot and trips.
Ilford HP5
Fuji Provia

11-08-2010, 4:09pm
I like using BW400CN for black and white but have only just finished my first roll of true B&W, HP5+. Otherwise mainly just the supermarket stuff. I've never shot E6 before and would love to try.

I've heard good things about Velvia 50, maybe that'll be next. Now I just need to learn how to develop...

11-08-2010, 5:43pm
i too have been using BW400CN film lately, just find it easier to develop locally

14-08-2010, 2:40pm
superia 200 for my 35mm and still testing the 120mm :)

19-08-2010, 3:35pm
Fujicolor 100 can be had fresh for $3/roll, so can X-TRA 400 (both in 10 packs off ebay).

Fujicolor 100 is as sharp and fine as any of the 100 films (the 160 Fuji's are slightly finer than the 100's), 200 is as sharp and fine as the 400 and 800 speeds respectively.