View Full Version : iso12800 and lr nr - iq ?

11-04-2010, 5:25pm

looks clean enough ?

11-04-2010, 5:31pm


11-04-2010, 5:31pm
Enough detail remains, so I'd say yes, but would be interested with a comparison of Nik Dfine!

11-04-2010, 6:12pm
me too(comparo to Dfine).

I liked the NR ability of LR3 beta2, and if only for the way it eliminates chroma noise it's worth the hassle of the trial.

But I wanted proper NEF noise reduction(I thought LR handled and saved as proper NEF's).. so it looks as tho the Nik plugin is my only option through CaptureNX.

apart from the very few(6??) hot pixels in #1... basically from the waist and up it looks very good for 12800!
I think it's the manner in which the skin tones are rendered. No grey noise at all(which always kills skin(and yellow) at high ISO.

Is this the built in NR using LR, or some other add-on/plug-in?
Doesn't LR use a variation of some Monkey(named) noise reduction software??... or was that Bibble?

edit: OOOPS! ... that was supposed to be Ninja, not Monkey! Ninja, monkey??... :confused013 Both types of primates flapping arms and legs all over the place!.... same difference :D