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10-04-2010, 11:03pm
Ok, I really need someone's help with this - driving me crazy tonight to try and work it out.

I have only just started using LR to download RAW files and catalogue. Then transfer to PS for processing, sometimes I have worked with the files in LR too. My previous processing was to pull RAW files down with canon RAW program (that came with camera) and work with tiffs in PS.

In one of my recent posts (Samuel) this week I stated I thought my colours where off, which they appear to be with 2 comments on them been tinged a little green, I then compared with my laptop to husbands and they are :(.

I then decide to look at the first image from the above post in my worked & saved tiff and web jpg. Putting them side by side on my laptop I can see the green tinge in jpg but not tiff??
Please explain why there would be a difference someone? ....

Comparing this photo with another one from Jan that I took of my daughter there is no difference between the jpg & tiff files, which is the way it should be.

I have changed my camera setting to Adobe RGB colour profile between the Jan and Mar photos, would this affect the PP?

If I run PS to adjust colour & levels auto it goes green all over, I know this is not the correct thing to do, ... I was just trying to work our what the hell was going on!

What profile should I using on camera and PP?

I spend ages tonight trying to find and answer which I haven't been able to achieve.

Any advice please would be really helpful! this is driving my crazy.

Thanks in advanced. Rachel

11-04-2010, 9:00am
Unless you desperately need to maintain the adobeRGB colour space for some print requirement, set it to sRGB in camera, when shooting raw!

Your software is probably set to maintain the colourspace shot in camera or something like that.

raw is not colourspace aware, and can only really be a confusing element.

You can shoot whatever colourspace when shooting raw and convert to any other you like such as ProPhoto, and not lose anything.. its the nature of the beast that is raw, and a very good reason to shoot in raw mode.

The differecce you see on your hubby's PC and yours coudl be many and varied reasons.

Are you both using colourspace aware web browsers?

Screens are all calibrated differently so there's going to be differences unless you calibrate them as best as you can(and even then, there may still be slight differences between different makes and types).

Try to maintain the sRGB colourspace even all the way to print, and if it ever coes to the point where you want a super high quality print from a 'real' printer, and they want you to supply an adobeRGB file, you then go back to your raw file and convert it to adobeRGB and process it that way(but only for their purposes).

The green tint between the two different PCs may be colourspace issues too, but may also just be screen settings.

What operating system are you using?

If you;re using Windows7, there may be a screen calibrator too, simliar to adobe's Gamma tool. Somewhere deep in the advanced menu of the display/screen/resolution properties is the ability to psuedo calibrate your screen to a decent level. Worked quite well, but not perfectly, on both my screens. Once you have a good baseline to start with, all other screen properties and adjustments going to be more subtle.

11-04-2010, 7:45pm
What you are saying makes perfect sense! I am on vista, hubby on windows 7. After posting this thread I located another post on AP along similar lines and realised that IE is not colourspace aware. This has always been my default web browser.

Thank you for your reply. I will rework my RAW files for the 3rd time and see what result I get.