View Full Version : DIY battery pack for Studio lights?

04-04-2010, 10:10am
I was reading through www.diyphotography.net yesterday and i discovered a post about a DIY battery pack for studio strobes. Its got me wondering, maybe i could do that as an alternative option to getting something like the explorer xt pack.

Here's a couple of guides I've found: http://artistip.com/blog/diy-battery-pack-part2.html and http://kemplemedia.com/blog/2009/01/06/diy-alien-bees-power-pack-%E2%80%94-lose-weight-on-location-for-%E2%80%9809-%E2%80%94-pt2/

I'm just wondering if anyone has here has tried it? It appears the important component is to get a sine-wave inverter, and then some sort of battery pack. So I was thinking about going the SLA battery option... Any thoughts or opinions or suggestions?