View Full Version : Anyone Got A Tokina 80-400? Or Sigma 120-400?

Old Skool
24-03-2010, 12:45am
Looking for a cheap zoom (less than $1000) in the 400mm range and came across the Tokina AT-X 840 AF D 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6. Reviews are varied on it. I've seen pics taken with it and they look OK IMO.
Was wondering if anyone has one and what they think of it?

I like that it is small & light, so can hand hold compared with say Sigma 120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM which I'm looking at also. Sigma has OS but shooting at 1:800 or faster and often panning - do you really need OS??

Lens will be used for junior footy, so daylight conditions, I use a Canon 55-250IS now, and getting nice shots, but need more reach at a cheap price/best value. Example best new prices I've found on Tokina are about $600 vs $900 for the Sigma.


24-03-2010, 5:33am
The Sigma 120-400 is terrible would not touch it!:(

Old Skool
24-03-2010, 8:55am
What was wrong with it when you used it? Reviews are not too bad for the 120-400 so would appreciate knowing what were the issues you had with it? I know it's not the same as a Canon 100-400, I would love to get that, but then I haven't got $2000+ to spend on a lens, just looking for value for money.

25-03-2010, 9:38pm
I've got the 150-500 and it takes good shots and isn't bad value compared to the Nikon equivalent. DWI have it for around $1000 delivered. I got this image at Dubbo Zoo which I was happy with.

Big Pix
25-03-2010, 9:51pm
with the release of the new Sigma 50-500 with OS, there should be the old model, which is fine, going cheap

25-03-2010, 9:57pm
The Sigma 120-400 is terrible would not touch it!:(

In your opinion,
Can I ask if you have owned one, just curious

As I had said before, the proof is in the pudding




Yes I am very happy with mine

Old Skool
25-03-2010, 10:01pm
Another thing I was thinking is maybe a Canon 70-300 IS USM lens which has great reviews, with a 1.4x teleconverter. Review of that combination was using a Tamron 1.4x - anyone used this lens with a teleconverter? If so, what brand teleconverter works on a crop body with that lens, ie Canon 30D??

01-04-2010, 11:33pm
[QUOTE=MarkChap;542262]In your opinion,
Can I ask if you have owned one, just curious

As I had said before, the proof is in the pudding

Based on the various reviews I bought the Sigma but it was so poor that I bought a Canon 100-400 within a week.
Comparison shots between the two shows the Sigma consistently poor with the Canon a far better lens.
The Canon is also smaller and lighter.

Maybe I had a poor example and that quality control is an issue with Sigma.:confused013

If you scout this forum there is at least another person that agrees with me that the Sigma 120-400 is not that good.

After 2 months I eventually managed to sell the Sigma at a 20% loss.

I did not enjoy the Sigma pudding:cool:


05-04-2010, 10:04pm
There were a lot of complaints about quality control at Sigma a few years ago. I took me a long, long time to buy the Sigma 10-20, f4. I know of one very experienced pro that took his back three times before getting one that was OK! There were some complaints about Pentax at the same time. It all seems to have settled down now. It would, though, leave a bad taste in your mouth dropping that amount of money. I would also be a bit worried about buying Sigma lenses 2nd hand.

Old Skool
05-04-2010, 10:44pm
Ended up going for a new Canon 70-300 IS USM lens. That will give me 80mm more zoom on my Canon 30D over what I have now, so reckon that should be enough. Lens has great reviews, pick it up this week, so will post some results. Cheers.

05-04-2010, 10:54pm
I used to own a Sigma 120-400MM OS and had no issues with it, nice lens for the price and decent performance.

15-04-2010, 10:02pm
Just in case anyone else reads this thread, the Tokina 120-400 generally gets terrible reviews. You would want to be really, really confident that it was going to do what you wanted before you spent the money - and I suspect that anyone who does do their research winds up buying something else, because you never see this lens around anywhere.

If you are scratching for the dough to buy a 400mm-class lens and can't afford a 100-400, look at the superb Canon 400/5.6 (but beware - it has no IS) or else the well-regarded Sigma 150-500 OIS.