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fairy bombs
17-03-2010, 9:03pm
Looking at purchasing a Canon 17-55 F 2.8 IS, I see D-D-P has them for $1265,which is a bit kinder to my wallet than the last time I saw the price (still a lot for a non L lens),anyhow-I need a lens with its specs,So if I buy it,I will then need to get a hood (more expense:(

I had a look on D-D-P site,they have two options a $69 one asume thats a canon,and a generic for $39

What have users of this lens found best??,i had heard on POTN that some generics are a little hard to get on -off,I then heard the Canon one has that felty type material,which given this lenes reputation for sucking dust,some users didnt like the canon one as in their opinons the material would collect dust that my get into lens,all of this may just be internet hyperbole,would like to hear some Aussies that use this lens and their findings.

thank you for your help


17-03-2010, 9:45pm
Hi fb,
I've had the 17-55 for about 2 years and I don't believe it deserves the bad rep about "sucking dust" (none in mine yet) although most people do suggest fitting a good quality UV filter. I bought mine from DWI and as long as you don't mind buying "grey market" they are cheapest and provide quick service. From my experience if you are regularly fitting & removing the hood on a lens with this type of mount the generic copies wear out quicker... you can get a Canon hood a fair bit cheaper on the 'bay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Canon-EW-83J-EW83J-Sonnenblende-fuer-EF-S-17-55mm_W0QQitemZ220537444829QQcmdZViewItemQQptZDE_Elektronik_Computer_Foto_Camcorder_Foto_Camcorderzubeh%C3%B6r_PM?hash=item33590e59dd

p.s. the "felty" stuff increases the effectiveness of the hood in minimising stray (reflected) light striking the lens.


08-04-2010, 10:13am
I have the 17-55 F2.8 with canon hood. Totally agree with Wobbles.