View Full Version : Phillip Island World Superbikes

24-02-2010, 9:48pm
Hi everyone. I.m going down to the World Super Bikes this Friday (26th Feb). Taking Nikon D80 with a sigma 150 - 500 lens. Have not used this lens yet. Any tips or things l should know? Any help will be appreciated.

25-02-2010, 9:26am
On the fence at the Southern Loop used to give me some good results.

Good luck


25-02-2010, 12:50pm
Get yourself on a corner. I find the southern loop the best, T2.

Get there early!

And take a jacket! It can be pretty windy and cold, even in summer!


25-02-2010, 1:07pm
I'm jealous!!! I wasn't into photography when we went over to Italy 1998 for the World Ducati Rally, but would have loved to have been. They had a race between the bikes and a F1 car, would have been great on film.

Have fun!!