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17-02-2010, 11:57pm
Well I've been looking for a solution in situations where I carry two bodies. Have not really been a fan of neck straps,as the cameras tend to swing around a lot and the strap seems to always fall across my viewfinder when I turn to shoot portrait orientation in a hurry.

I was looking at the R-Strap/ Double R-strap set up when I came across this solution here.



Now admittedly, the videos on the site were a little corny for my liking and I was not ultra keen on the idea of the chest harness for two reasons'. Firstly, it looks silly. Albeit I have started to use a belt pack now which is silly enough already, but wearing this you would like you're waiting to start a game of laser tag. Secondly, I hate the heat. Loathe it. Anything close to my body and I can't stand it when it gets hot. So.....the chest harness wasn't really floating my boat. But..the detachable holster, which sells with the chest vest or separately was looking like quite a viable option.

I would be able to add it to my Think Tank belt and be able to carry my second body off my hip. Add a second pin for my primary camera and I can swap between the two when needed. I could do away with the neck straps (use hand straps instead, which I prefer anyway). I really like the idea of these, even though they are ridiculously priced and US shipping is around $55 :(. We use a similar type of locking system/holster for radios at work...now if only I could find out if the Cotton Carrier locking plate thingies would fit my similarly shaped radio holster....either that or cough up the $$ and get one shipped. Hmmm.

Hope this is helpful to anyone else looking for a similar carrying solution. Will let you all know if I get one and will post my thoughts.

19-02-2010, 1:15am
the system has pros and cons, of course the simple shoulder strap got as many pros and cons as well,

keep us updated!!

18-04-2010, 1:46pm
I've looked at the cotton carriers as well & was impressed looks great for clambering through the bush ... not having the camera swing all over the place :) ... price is a little ott would be good to hear some thoughts if you have bought one or if anyone else has got one :) I was also looking at the double r strap ... I had not seen that before so any thoughts on that would be muchly appreciated as well :)

15-03-2011, 6:46pm
I'm also looking at a Cottoncarrier. I have a friend with one. The holster model. He loves it for its practical application. However, my only trouble is the bulky look of the thing. You kind of look like you are in a cow-boy movie. Not a good look in my view. However, for practicality it seems an excellent idea. The thought of having my SLR and lens tightly fixed to my chest for convenience is making it a tempting buy, notwithstanding the threatening look of the thing. I'm off to Burma and Chnia in April and thought it might make the travel a bit more comfortable, although I still worry about the look. :)

16-03-2011, 4:45pm
I just saw this in a mag the other day. I was thinking about integrating it into my hiking packs so I can have my camera accessible without taking my pack off every time. They do seem a bit dear in their price.

29-03-2011, 6:52pm
hmm, some of them look ok on guys, but women have other considerations for chest straps... :)