View Full Version : Where to get graduated colour backgrounds?

17-02-2010, 8:12pm
I make jewellery and need to take "product photos" to sell online. I've taken heaps of photos with many different set ups but feel my photos could benefit greatly from using a graduated black to white background behind the items I'm photographing. I've found a couple of websites for stores in Australia that sell full-size graduated backgrounds but I need one that is sized for tabletop/macro photography. I have found the website for EZ cube (US I think) and a UK reseller and they have some backgrounds that might be useful but very expensive plus postage.

I'd really like to find an Australian store that sells either the EZ cube graduated backgrounds or something similar. Please let me know if you know anywhere I can get something suitable. Thanks.

17-02-2010, 9:16pm
you basically want a light tent because that is what a light cube is

you can check out here http://www.studiolight.com.au/light_tents.htm

you could buy graduate fabric from spotlight thta's the other option.

btw, welcome to ap.

19-02-2010, 1:23pm
Thanks Matilda. I have a home-made light tent so I'm covered on that front although I'm actually getting better photos by the window without the light tent for most things. That sounds like a good idea to look at fabrics but I'm a bit short on time and trying to keep a few balls in the air so I've ordered some backgrounds from the US just for this time.

One of the reasons I think the graduated background will help me get better photos is because I think the colour balance and contrast will benefit from having the full range of tones from black to white in the shot. If I could find a mottled fabric with the full range from a white white to a deep black that would be even better so when I have some time I'll go hunting in spotlight.

20-02-2010, 8:25am
Would it be possible to create a gradulated coloured background in Photoshop (or other software), print on good quality paper and place behind the jewellery or even bend it so that it covers underneath as well as behind.