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12-02-2010, 9:41pm
Right here we go
I got my first photos processed since I got my DSLR I thought this will be great.
BAH BOW wrong big time.
I got 10 different photos done with multiples of each 2 of the 10 we spot on exactly what is on my computer screen the other 8 I don't know what happened they were bad, black eyes dark tones and very cramped detail Hmmmmmmm. I'm so glad there not Wedding photos (300x)
What next.
Its not worth going to the same shop I can tell they have no idea.
Who do the good people of Ausphotography use.
Who do the professionals use........:confused013

PS. There may be another thread like this I couldnt find one.....:cool:

19-02-2010, 12:56pm
without seeing a soft-copy of the shots, my best guess is a monitor calibration issue. google "monitor calibration". if you don't want to spend extra dollars then quick gamma is where many people end up: http://quickgamma.de/indexen.html

second guess is that colour management has gone wrong somewhere. most places think/want/assume that the file is in sRGB colour space.

rule out these two first.


19-02-2010, 8:51pm
Thanks I used quick gamma on my second computer it seems to work well. Still blame the shop.....:angry0: