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04-07-2007, 8:45pm
How do you add a border to an image when you upload for the weekly comps?

04-07-2007, 8:50pm
Hi Kat

what Image editing software do you use. Once we know that, im sure some-one can assist



04-07-2007, 8:57pm
Hi Rick,

I use Photoshop

04-07-2007, 9:02pm
what version. I can assist if its cs2/cs3, but until the last 18 months or so i used Paint Shop Pro

04-07-2007, 9:06pm
Just spotted the post above mine which was asking the exact same question. I didn't even realise it was there.

The version I use is Photoshop 7.0. I think that is what it is called, there is nothing saying cs2 or cs3 sorry not too familiar with all the software

04-07-2007, 9:09pm
ah, not sure if i can assist, hopefully someone else will give you some guidance...sorry

04-07-2007, 9:12pm
Thanks anyway Rick:action66:

05-07-2007, 7:33pm
Hi Kat, maybe I can help ?

Most of the photoshop versions are similar, I have elements 5 which I think is much of a muchness with the basics.......so...........

Once you have done your editing and before you "save as" go to the top tool box and click on ......

Canvas size-

from there a window should open that displays photo size in pixels .........

enter a frame thickness by pixels/cm's or what ever-

pick frame colour, likely by clicking on the colour box at the bottom of the canvas size window-

click on OK and a frame should appear [ bit of stuffing around until you work out what size is available according to what pixel/cm's size you chose.

to add extras to the border just click on canvas size again and fill in pixel/cm's size again, change colour or what ever you like and click on OK again

You can repeat this action as many times as you like until the desired effect is achieved. If your Photoshop program works in layers then you may also be able to combine this with " layer styles to create bevels, drop shadows etc etc

Hope this helps a little, I had no idea myself until Pam on this forum explained it to me and there's no holding me back now LOL LOL

See how you go and get back if it's a no go method, cheers :)

05-07-2007, 7:53pm
Ive just tried it in Adobe,,,, no go...

But JASC paint shop pro, does it easy..

clik image:
clik add borders...this window should allow you to do COLORS/ width..

peice O cake...

05-07-2007, 8:06pm
just had another look, in JASC paint shop,

clik image:
then clik picture frame: (instead of (borders)
theres a few templates to mess around with...

05-07-2007, 9:10pm
Hmmmm, Ok, I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 which I do the canvas size frames to my specs as well as a few dozen pre-set effects frames that are available, thought most programs would be similar ?

06-07-2007, 9:56am
Hi All

Thanks for the tips. I tries Seesee tip but unfortunately did not work.

Think I will be going borderless until I get a new a program.


06-07-2007, 10:10am
you won't need to get a new proggy....just go and do a google search on tutorials for Photoshop.

06-07-2007, 2:24pm
this one looks good and its supposed to be PS7 compatible..im just not sure why the first line states ..make sure DPI is set to 200.. I dont think it would really matter.


08-07-2007, 12:28am
Just had a go with CS2 following SeeSee's instructions & it worked. All I have to do now is some finetuning & I will have a border.


08-07-2007, 9:19am
Thanks for the tips.

I tried ricktas link and did it all step by step but when my box comes up to change the border size it does not give me the option for the colour as it does in the instructions on the link.