View Full Version : I went to the airport to take Pictures this evening::::

30-01-2010, 11:26pm
I decided that I would try and take some pictures at Adelaide Airport tonight.

As I was driving I saw first one then another take off.....surely there would be more. So I parked, got out my car and walked up to the fence....and waited......and waited.

I got bored, so I took a picture of a sign....


Then I got enthused. I could see the lights of a plane many miles away, so I took its photo (this is a Massive crop. The plane probably didn't get within 500m of where I was standing)

And then I waited.....and waited......and waited. Then I turned around
http://www.ashhoffimages.com.au/ashoim_gallery/albums/General_Stuff_3/WEBKellyCopDSC06127.jpg.....ohhhh dear....

30-01-2010, 11:29pm
I cracked up laughing when I waw the third photo. Did you get booked or her number?

30-01-2010, 11:53pm
:lol: Nice story. How'd it finish?

BTW, you nailed that shot of the cop car!

31-01-2010, 12:47am
what is the rest of the story Hoffy ???

Mongo suspects you must have made bail or you would not have posted this much so far But what is the rest ??? come clean

31-01-2010, 12:50am
hahaha - a serious criminal now eh?

31-01-2010, 12:52am
"please explain"

Is that a SAM or a Camera

You really needed that T-Shirt mate

31-01-2010, 12:58am
She said to me "You're going to have to delete that Photo"

I said to her "No"

She Said to me "OK.....By the way, are you coming to my wedding on the 27th...."

Y'see, the nice officer is my Sister in law. She just happened to recognise the car as she drove past and pulled in to say hi.

31-01-2010, 1:00am
lol, great story

31-01-2010, 1:01am
hmm - At least the policewoman looked non threatening from her smile :eek:

Edited : just read the post above I missed LOL

Great story :D

31-01-2010, 8:36am
Darn ---- a simple and happy ending. You could have embellished it a little for us. You know how we all loves something photographically controversial. Still #3 was a great shot at the end of what we all thought would be an ominous result. Mongo enjoyed your pictorial story.

I @ M
31-01-2010, 9:06am
Brilliant. :th3:

I got to the third photo and wondered why she was smiling too.
I rather hastily formed the theory that:-

A. Hoffy is an incredibly good looking bloke or

B. The policewoman's partner was beating the daylights out of Hoffy with one of those collapsible truncheons. :D

31-01-2010, 10:27am
:wd: I like the story!

31-01-2010, 10:30am
You should have left out the final explanation, up till that I thought ...SPRUNG! great story.:th3:

31-01-2010, 3:54pm
A good story, and the first picture is the perfect intro.

31-01-2010, 5:30pm
ROFLMAO,well done.

31-01-2010, 5:51pm
That ending cracked me up. You could have kept us going for a long time on this one.

Mary Anne
31-01-2010, 7:02pm
Phewww... What a relief I had visions of someone carting you off as a suspected T

Good One :lol:

31-01-2010, 10:41pm
I had thought about dragging it out a bit longer....but seriously, being hassled by the cops for taking airport pictures (unless I was on the "Airside").


01-02-2010, 12:18am
Great story!

05-02-2010, 1:00pm
expected to see you being hauled off to the cop shop can't wait to see her beautiful wedding pics

05-02-2010, 3:18pm
A good chuckle hoffy, she has a lovely smile

Gregg Bell
05-02-2010, 4:10pm
Hoffy you could've dragged it out with a terrible pun like

Cop: " you got fine written all over you" :lol2:

05-02-2010, 4:35pm
lol great story

05-02-2010, 6:08pm
nice story, would make a good thread for everyone...tell a story in three photos or less.

05-02-2010, 10:07pm
hehehe..made me laugh:lol: