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28-01-2010, 10:34pm
This little gem of a lens really shows how timeless optical and build quality is. It's not the fastest or the sharpest, but it is one of the smoothest (in use and in bokeh). It's very compact and heavy, lots of glass and metal. It has a built in sliding hood that is actually really convenient. I can put it in my pocket and not worry about damaging it, unlike plastic bodied lenses. Manual focusing is very nice with a wide grip and a dampened and precise action. So far, I find very little CA or distortion on my D300. I need to get more film and test it out on the F100, which should be even easier to MF.

These samples might not be very interesting but they should show a little of what this lens can achieve.

One of my first test shots (before I bought the lens) - pretty sure it is wide open. Shows good sharpness and nice bokeh to me:

Just a bokeh test:

This one would've been stopped down at f/4. Nice detail in the hair and skin. What background? All I've got is subject isolation. :)

This was actually more to test minimum focusing distance but the sun star at f/8 was interesting. It should be a 14 point star given the 7 blade aperture design:

This shows the heptagonal aperture shape when slightly stopped down. Boring pic but.

Hope to get more out of this lens as I get used to it. I probably paid too much but it was an impulse buy and I was supporting a local pro shop so it still feels good at the moment. Heh.

28-01-2010, 10:41pm
Mongo has had one (AI) for years and still use it very happily

28-01-2010, 10:48pm
Haha so you took the plunge and got it- congrats mate! A real classic lens and I'm sure it will stay in your stable for a long long time. I'm in the process of getting the 135mm f/2 DC. Paying an arm and a leg as there aren't many around these days, but I was pretty eager to get it and am sure it will be a very worth while investment. Happy shooting, look forward to seeing more of what this lens (and photographer) can produce.

28-01-2010, 11:00pm
Good to see NAM :th3:

This lens has been on my radar of things to get for a while, but only as a backup lens to the one that I really want(if I can't find one soon).

I have a plethora of lenses in that range, and it's not a vital piece of kit for me, and I reckon when you mount it to your D700(eventually :D) you'll really see it's full potential.

Looks very similar to the 180mm f/2.8 Ais lens in a lot of ways.

29-01-2010, 1:21pm
thanks kaiser

no d700 for me :)
i'm happy enough with DX for the things i shoot and what i use the files for
but when are you getting one?
we should catch up and play with gear again :)

29-01-2010, 1:50pm
It'd be great to catch up again NAM, but not for a few weeks for me.

until my back is strong enough to carry the weight of my bag again.... at least :p

Cherry Lake would be a nice spot too.