View Full Version : Get that thing outa my face

24-01-2010, 17:56
one of the currawong shots taken tis afternoon.
i got a similar shot about this time last year with the FZ28. it's in here somewhere.

24-01-2010, 19:13
One not impressed bird lol

24-01-2010, 21:02
your not wrong Cath, i like the raised right foot.

24-01-2010, 21:11
The foot looks good, like he's counting down for you to nick off or else! That is one evil look he's got going on. :D

24-01-2010, 21:15
sure does Lani. As stated above I got a similar image at almost the same spot about a year ago. Is this a Juvinile? the colouring suggests it may be.

Kevin M
24-01-2010, 23:20
that looks like a very p!!d$d off bird to be honest.:D

24-01-2010, 23:23
Did someone "ruffle his feathers" eh? LOL Love bird shots when they look angry.. well captured mudman :)

Mary Anne
26-01-2010, 00:48
That's a Bird with Attitude Problems..