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The Stig
08-01-2010, 4:21am
Hi Guys

Well the next question is doooooooooozey

With the purchase of my new D90 yesterday, I trotted off down to the beach to take a few happy snap’s and give the D90 a spin around the block, the pictures I have taken look fantastic viewing on the local camera play back screen, when I have got home, shortly before construction this email, I have down loaded the images into the Nikon Transfer Software, this has been as per what I have done for the D60.

I have programmed the camera to capture/record/process the information as a RAW file same as the D60, this is when I has all turned to custard…..

Previously, when I have open up Photoshop Elements it has allowed me to process the image as a RAW file to a degree and then I could import the image to PS Elements and further process the image (Wednesday with the D60).

However…… when I open the image from the D90 tonight I have a small box stating that it cannot open as “ it’s the wrong type of file ” if I go back to the Nikon viewer and transform the file from RAW to 16 bit Tiff then it opens no problem, only I don’t get the opportunity to manipulate the image as a RAW image before moving into PS Elements and I found this very useful and easy to use

Camera set at RAW

File saved as “ NEF”

Elements 7

Any help would b great ;p

Thanks Chris

I @ M
08-01-2010, 6:26am
Chris, I am going to take a stab at suggesting that you are using a version of elements that was produced before the D90 was released.
I think you will find that Adobe software needs to be updated regularly as new camera models are released to support the new releases.
Nikon software is very much the same with their "freebie" downloads, Nikon Transfer and View NX needing updates each time a new model is released. Their retail program, Capture NX also receives sporadic refreshes to allow compatibility with new models.

08-01-2010, 6:54am
Try updating Adobe's camera raw convertor (a.k.a. "ACR") plugin first, it may be your Photoshop Elements (PSE) version is new enough to support an ACR with D90 support. If not, you can either choose to update PSE to a new version or convert the D90 raw to DNG using Adobe's free DNG converter and than read the DNG in PSE.

The Stig
08-01-2010, 1:07pm
Hi Guys

Thank for your help, I have downloaded the plug-in, wow that was actually simple.

Again thanks again, stress level has returned to a normal range ;p


13-01-2010, 11:00am

You should give Capture NX2 and Nik Color Efx a go... they both have 60 day trials. I love what I can do with them from my D90 images. You can handle the RAW conversion in NX (and basically have all of the in camera settings available to you in the in develop section) then export to PSE as a TIFF.

One thing that I particularly like is to have the active D-Lighting set in camera to auto or normal, and then have the option in NX to change it or turn it off. Same with picture control settings.

The Stig
14-01-2010, 9:28pm
Hey Tony

Thank for that, sorry it has taken a little time to get back

I will give the above programmes the 60 trial

Thanks again ;p

15-01-2010, 12:02am
I much prefer the raw conversion of ViewNX/CaptureNX to ACR and Photoshop Elements. The Nikon software understands the Nikon NEF file properly. However, you cannot do everything you want in the Nikon software (no crop in ViewNX, no easy way to add watermark in CaptureNX)