View Full Version : Flash reflector 60° or 90°?

Gregg Bell
05-01-2010, 8:38pm
Im deciding in getting a reflector for the flash head Im getting, and I can't decide between a 60° and a 90° one. Im thinking about getting a silver umbrella to go with it, so Im thinking the 90° will be a better choice, If I want it to disperse more before it being reflected by the silver brolly.

Though IF Im getting a translucent brolly would it be a better idea getting a 60° one?

what you guys reckon?

thanks for reading.

08-01-2010, 11:37am
I'd get the 60 and move the umbrella in/out to get the coverage you want.
The Alien Bee PLM umbrellas are optimised for barebulb usage.