View Full Version : Something a little different

Dave Clifford
05-01-2010, 12:51pm
Wasnt sure if I should have put these in Candids or landscapes so figured I would put them up here.



05-01-2010, 1:48pm
I really like the second one. Nice view through the windsceen too.

Mary Anne
05-01-2010, 4:09pm
Both Great Shots.. Wonderful view through the Windscreen..

old dog
05-01-2010, 4:26pm
yes, they are different David. HDR...must be? I like them even though I`m not a great fan of hdr.

14-01-2010, 12:37pm
Great shots... I really like #1. the HDR effect makes it look like they're bout to take off into space or something.

14-01-2010, 12:44pm
Great pp David, very cool shots, :th3: I especially like the 2nd one...Road Subject to Flooding?...not in the near future by the look of it!