View Full Version : Keep Still

04-01-2010, 9:18pm
Damm crazy Labs - Rusti as you can see would not stay still


And when he did he would close his eyes


Or it run as fast as he can


Or maybe it was just he wanted to play


Then when finally he would stop the light was bad and I would chop a leg off, oh well better luck next time I guess.


04-01-2010, 10:39pm
too cute! nothing like a lab pup to test out your 'action' photography skills :)

04-01-2010, 10:58pm
Most pup pics you have to wear them out first then take photo. Not have them wear you out trying to keep up with them to get that shot. Beautiful pup by the way.

10-01-2010, 3:19pm
They sure can be crazy excitable pups these labs.
If I may, next time you have a go, use iso 400 to bump the SS up, I recon you may have had a bit more blur due to 1/125th of sec.
I find animals the best to be at about that mark for that reason.
Looks like a cute pup and is going ro keep you busy :D.


Debra Faulkner
10-01-2010, 3:53pm
Lol, thanks for posting this, Seven. As annoying as it must have been it's a thread that makes me smile :D
I think Rusti has almost mastered that adorable 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' look already. What a delightful pup!

Mary Anne
10-01-2010, 3:54pm
They are never still are they, cute dog that for sure..
Yes there is always next time.. All the best there..