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28-12-2009, 9:14pm
Of the things i took pictures of yesterday...
This is using the Olympus OM-1 and a roll of Kodak BW400CN...
I've done the some cropping and levels... hell that's all i know how to do! haha... I hope they are ok though. Enjoy.

28-12-2009, 9:43pm
Levels look to be way off for 400cn

28-12-2009, 10:23pm
They do? So what could i do about it? Is it just how i look at it when i adjust the levels or what?

28-12-2009, 10:29pm
Could be the original scans. Look around on flickr for photos with tags for your film and get an idea of the look.

28-12-2009, 11:02pm
I see what you mean... =/