View Full Version : W rescue chopper out bush

16-12-2009, 4:20pm
A bit different for out here.

The Westpac rescue chopper did a promo bush run today. There is never much praise for banks but I think Westpac do a great job in funding this service.

I always like the sound of choppers; but it would be a sound from heaven if you were in the middle of the ocean with no boat, or lost and/or hurt in the bush.

#1: I love doing that :th3: Yeah; hanging out of chopper with a camera; even if I do get air sickness :eek:

#2 is a vertical pano of two images

16-12-2009, 5:32pm
Cool pics Ian :) Yeah is a great service the rescue choppers :)

16-12-2009, 8:04pm
#1 my pic. You don't often see a chopper that close while still in the air.

17-12-2009, 8:02am
Thanks Cat and Carman; to get these photos it pays to approach the pilot with your ideas>>in the third photo he was flying sideways towards me because I asked him to. :rolleyes:

I was really hoping he would have stayed a little lower; but a photo is not worth loosing a job over.

17-12-2009, 10:05pm
very crisp and clear shots nice work.