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01-12-2009, 3:49pm
(Sorry for the urgency, I have to have the file to the printers by tomorrow (2/12) night)

I've got a Canon 40D (10mp), is it good enough to make a 40" x 60" canvas print?

My calculations make me believe I could get away with a 30" x 40", but thats about the max I could go. Though I am really hoping i'm wrong and can print a 40"x60"

Long shot here, but; If the native res isn't good enough, is there anyway I cn "upsize" it whilst retaining quality?

The file i'm hoping to print is:
(below hasn't had any PP on it yet, need shadow correction etc.)

Thanks for your help.

01-12-2009, 3:53pm
You can upsize a photo. Get a copy of Genuine Fractals

01-12-2009, 4:26pm
Thanks for your help Rick,

The printer is BigW, (they have a 40% off sale until tomorrow night, yay). It would be best to supply them with the enlarged file through a program like Genuine Fractals yes?


01-12-2009, 4:32pm
If you need to make it larger and want control over the quality of the file, yes.

01-12-2009, 5:21pm
Thanks again. I'll look into the program tonight and hopefully have something for the printers tomorrow.

Much appreciated.

JM Tran
01-12-2009, 5:25pm
u will be fine with the 40D at that size

canvas prints are very very very forgiving in terms of MP count of a cameras sensor, much more so than any other print fabrics and paper

you wont need to up-res the file at all

01-12-2009, 5:25pm
Gents, if your priniting on canvas depending on which printer they use its normaly only 200 dpi so if your useing a 40d it in full res it should be more than enough. I use these guys http://www.megaprints.com.au/
they have a section on there site where you can submit picture and they will let you know how big it can be printed. I have been very happy with the quality and service from these guys always quick and quality has been better than most retail shops ect. and prices are cheap http://www.megaprints.com.au/pricelist.html

01-12-2009, 5:29pm
Your horizon is sligtly out FYI, Id also add some contrast and saturation as its very flat