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Jason Cole
07-11-2009, 12:51am
Today was a fun day indeed! I shot Rhiannon for Sportsmaster.

They wanted an Urban gritty feel to the photos... here are the first five proofs.

Comments please.. (this is my first time shooting gritty stuff like this).

Any help (or photoshop advice / tutorials) would be great :-)


Comments welcome :-)

Adrian Fischer
07-11-2009, 1:15am
Im no expert but I think the focus is a little soft round the eyes on #1 same with #2 and she looks a bit golden? Has it been pp'd at all? With #3 and #5 the hair on right eye has created a shadow there. The three with the bricks as backdrop dont do it for me. She seems to blend with it a bit. Pardon the pun but she lacks punch. The ones with the mesh as back drop are much better. She stands out in those.
I like the vignetting in #1 though and think it could be a good shot. If urban gritty = gym then I think your on the money. #3 and #5 are my pics though. FWIW

07-11-2009, 7:59am
Well if it isn't one of Australia's Best Professional Glamour Togs gracing us with his presence.

My only suggestion maybe filtering the 1st image with LucisArt 3ED to try and enhance the muscle tone a bit to make her a bit "tougher"

With your standard of work who needs photoshop ...........