View Full Version : Problem opening a B&W image in Camera Raw

Paul G
04-11-2009, 4:09am
Haven't come across this problem before but, when downloading some shots from the camera tonight, shots taken in High Key B&W, they open in Camera Raw in colour...?

Is this normal? I wouldn't think so :confused013

04-11-2009, 8:15am
Yes, cause your camera captures them in colour even if you chose mono. Quirky I know, but it has been reported on before. If you open then in Capture NX, you can choose to see the colour or mono version, but with ACR, I am not sure.

Paul G
04-11-2009, 2:14pm
Interesting! Thanks Rick. So I guess to recapture the image as I shot it I just convert back to grayscale or desaturate?

04-11-2009, 4:05pm
This is good to know as I have never heard of this before.