View Full Version : Printin those Pano crops

02-11-2009, 2:17pm
To all those experienced in printing of Pano shots - a question.

I am new photography and would like to start printing a couple of my keepers. Easy enough, take your file and colour profile to a print shop and get it printed.

However, how do I go about getting shots like Sunset/Sunrise, landscapes printed when the image has been cropped to pano - I mean, I would like to keep the shot in the pano format the digital image has been cropped too.



02-11-2009, 2:21pm
good PRO level printing places can do them to whatever specs you want. So go away from your Harvey Norman's etc and find a professional photography printer.



02-11-2009, 2:29pm
Thanks Rick, to be honest I didn't think anyone would do custom prints - will have a look around Brissy. have you used these guys?

02-11-2009, 2:41pm
Yeah I have. I have a 1.5 metre wide metallic pano in my lounge-room that they printed for me.

02-11-2009, 2:47pm
Okie, I will have a hunt around Brissy and see how I go but if I luck out might give them a try.

Thanks Rick.