View Full Version : CS3 Bridge problem

29-10-2009, 7:11pm
I have an intermittent but irritating problem with CS3 Bridge. Sometimes when I select an image to preview from the thumbnail list I get some other image from my library. I've gone through the usual cache clear and it helps for a bit, but then the problem usually returns later. I've looked for patterns in what gets selected from the library, but it seems random. When I open the thumbnail in photoshop, or in the raw converter, its the correct image. Anyone else have this gremlin and/or an answer to what I could do?

29-10-2009, 7:33pm
I have heard of this before and I cannot remember the exact solution, but if I remember rightly, the photo that does get opened is from the same folder on your hard drive?

I think what you have to do is open all the files in that directory at once in bridge (which may trigger them all to open in ACR), click on select all, make some small adjustment, like exposure by 0.1, then click done. This forces bridge to update its thumbnail views.

Now all of this is from memory, so I could be slightly off with the way it is done.

29-10-2009, 8:18pm
Thanks Rick - the odd thing with this is that preview images don't come from the same folder but from much older folders, sometimes back several years. I thought at one stage that there was some mysterious file reference number duplication, but I don't know how to investigate that. My thumbnails are RAW and Jpeg fine, but file type makes no difference.