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25-10-2009, 9:34am
I have been using Microsoft Outook for years and recently upgraded a laptop to Windows 7. Windows 7 does not come with an email client. I downloaded Windows Live Mail (http://download.live.com/wlmail), and kinda like it, but stupidly (nothing new here) Microsoft don't have an integrated data transfer tool from Outlook to Win Mail, only from Outlook Express.

So I thought seeing I have to install one, maybe I should look at some alternatives. So what do you use, and why do you like it?

25-10-2009, 9:42am
Office 2007 full Outlook??? :rolleyes:

Or http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/thunderbird/ :cool:
Or http://www.seamonkey-project.org/

An oldie but a good one...
Or http://www.eudora.com/email/features/windows/index.html

25-10-2009, 9:49am
yep 2007 Full outlook.

When you install windows 7 it tells you it doesnt come with an email client. As I did a fresh install, I though rather than just using Outlook I would investigate other options. So downloaded Windows Live Mail (which seems to be quite good) but Microsoft don't have a took to import from Full Outlook, only express. Microsoft are stupid!

my investigations found that the easiest(???) workaround people are doing is exporting their Outlook file, importing it into Outlook Express, then exporting it again. Copying file to new machine and importing that into Windows Live Mail.

25-10-2009, 10:04am
I moved to mozilla thunderbird because microsoft was such a pain.
I think kym has given the link. as I recall it was fiddly to set up but once all the options are set as you want them its great. I resisted having to learn a new setup but once I found my way around it I was very happy with it. I use google aps for my mail, webpage, and calendar and googlemail talks to thunderbird quite happily - you can use Imap or pop to synchronise.....
I have a linux netbook as well and once i know my way around linux I intend move away from microsoft all together and into the open source stuff completely. The Mozilla products work well in the open source linux environment too. (gimp runs on linux apparently - but again, i use photoshop becuase i know it - so more learning down the track)
Hope this helps

25-10-2009, 10:06am
When I migrated to the Mac last year, I chose Thunderbird as my e-mail client.

Converting from full Outlook took some planning due to the cross-platform nature of the migration also, but it's worked well. It's similar enough to Outlook that my non-technical wife jumped on and started using it straight away.


25-10-2009, 10:28am
Another vote for Thunderbird. When I was on Windows it was my preferred email client. The Sunbird (?) calendar add-in is quite useful too.

Now that I'm fully based in the world of OSX though, I use the native apps and haven't looked back, they integrate beautifully and sync to my iPhone with the greatest of ease. :-)

25-10-2009, 10:34am
Rick have a look at the new Office 2010 Beta
Outlook 2010 is very nice indeed.

25-10-2009, 2:17pm
G'day Rick

I have never enjoyed MS email products either ... :action:

I use Eudora, currently v7, it suits me, tho I choose it because it does not have lots of hi-end features that I will never-in-a-million-years use

regards, Phil

25-10-2009, 2:48pm
I didn't mind Incredimail - had it for a little while - actually like the cute little email animal etc notifications and the backgroudns etc :)

Maybe not a good one though if going to use it for work related things :)

25-10-2009, 3:26pm
I use Thunderbird on the laptop as well and have been happy with it.

Di :)

25-10-2009, 5:10pm
After reading this today, I have just installed Thunderbird. Outlook was working fine, but I'm going through an anti-Mircosoft mood at the moment! I was already using Firefox, but didn't know about Thunderbird. (I am currently having RAM 'issues' and Outlook takes about 10 minutes to even open).

One thing that hugely irks me that I can't find a way around on Thunderbird is it automatically opening the next mail item if you delete one. I like the 'return to the Inbox' feature. Anybody know how to change this? Ta

26-10-2009, 1:03am
sorry , not off the top of my head.... there is lots of support via google - so google it and find the thunderbird support pages. mine doesnt do what you are describing, but i did spend a bit time fiddling with all the settings. there will be a way - just have to find it. i think the issue is that thunderbird is very "customisable" so it needs a fair bit of instruction rather than relying on "typical" default settings like MS does,
good luck.

26-10-2009, 7:30am
OK. Went with thunderbird but that was a drama. Email were on one PC and thunderbird on another. Could I find a good way to transfer everything..Nup! thunderbird cannot convert an .PST file. Google suggestions were create .pst file in outlook export. open outlook express, import .pst file, export from outlook express and copy to new pc, import to outlook express (which isnt on the new pc) and then run thunderbird to import them from outlook express.

In the end, I went into work, got my copy of Office, loaded that on new pc, copied *.pst file across, then imported into thunderbird.

All up about 3 hours work for what should have been do-able in a few minutes.

But now all happy, PC is running well with Win 7, except my mouse wheel does nothing..no scrolling with the wheel. Today's job, solving that one. But I do like Win 7 so far.

26-10-2009, 9:49am
OK. Went with thunderbird but that was a drama. Email were on one PC and thunderbird on another. Could I find a good way to transfer everything..Nup! thunderbird cannot convert an .PST file.

I had that problem years ago when i first moved to Thunderbird. I loved the .pst format for its ability to password protect and keep your mail in one file but alas, .PST is a proprietary format hence the reason it's a pain to transfer :( The "open source" mbox format may not have some of the benefits of .pst but it's open and most mail clients support it so future changes won't be as painful.