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22-10-2009, 10:36pm
Picked up my the first roll I stuffed through the Kiev (disaster really, but I'll try again), and while we were chatting the guy said he was selling his old film scanner (Kodak shop). New one apparently built into the processing machine.

So anyway, he wants around $300-$400 for it - bargain or best avoided?

22-10-2009, 11:16pm
Does it scan 120? If not, and you like film, then you should probably pass as you will no doubt start shooting 120 and larger. Get details, DPI, model, date and such.

23-10-2009, 2:56pm
Q97. Any details on the scanner. What happened to the roll of film? Am...

23-10-2009, 7:55pm
I'll ask next week the details are on the scanner.

Had some "issue" (me, probably) loading the film and it was wonky most of the way through. dunno what happened, we'll see how the next roll goes.