View Full Version : some more holliday pics

19-10-2009, 10:18pm
Us on the bike in France.
The Donkey was in Germany and was funny as.
The blue bells were beautiful in the Forest of Dean. UK.
The wind turbines were interesting in Great Yarmouth. UK

19-10-2009, 11:48pm
Wow, #3 is great, I love flowers.

/*OK for the record, I'm married with 2 teenage kids, my bread is NOT buttered on both sides, and my arm isn't bent like a teapot's spout. Get my drift? ;) */

20-10-2009, 12:52pm
hahahahaha seastorm. I love flowers as well and the forest was simply stunning. All the new leaf on the trees and the blue bells every where. The people that live in the forest area all say there is magic in there and I am inclined to believe it.

20-10-2009, 1:01pm
Now that looks like fun...albeit a bit chilly on the bike. well I love donkeys....not sure what that means tho. lol That does look like a magical spot in the forest.

20-10-2009, 1:34pm
Good shots :) Cute donkey and the flowers in the forrest are lovely :) The wind turbines are interesting how seem to be built in the ocean/water?

20-10-2009, 1:36pm
#2 and #3 are my faves, though they're all great. The donkey is adorable! But the bluebells in the forest is just stunning. It looks magical, I'd love to explore somewhere so beautiful one day.

20-10-2009, 5:57pm
The wind farms are about a kilometre off shore. Was interesting coming into a place called Skegness. On the road in there hundreds of signs on the road saying "no wind farms". Most peculiar but then again Skegness was a very strange place.
Any way if you can't put wind farms out in the paddock where do you put them. A kilometre of shore were all the people go for there holidays. Sit on the beach and look out to sea at wind farms.

21-10-2009, 12:33pm
The Triumph is drool worthy too........:D