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17-10-2009, 1:49am
Okay its not a very exciting subject , but that was not the goal today.

Amongst other things, today I was trying to focus on an element of composition, contrast. What I
struggle with in composition is just about everything but contrast is one of the key ones.

Apparently, you are supposed to make sure the main subject or centre of interest has a clearly contrasting colour
and hues etc cf the background so that the details and outline fo the centre of interest (the subject) is clearly
defined - he cited a white wedding dress against a white wall as an example of what NOT to do.

So in this image I tried to set the treeline with the burnout areas highlighted below the regrowth and set the
trees against a blue clear sky to bring out the outline of the trees at the top of the image= its not anywhere
near a good contrast here but at least Im getting my head around one element of composition, contrast.

There is a nice leading line from the road curving in the right direction at the bottom and some texture *repeated
shapes and colours mapping here too with the repeated tree line getting smaller into the distance which adds
some depth cues to the image too....... gee I might be getting some idea about composition elements here.. maybe.

What about a clearly defined centre of interest/subject or dimensions or the rule of thirds or perspective or.. ?
One thing at a time --

The 'fun' part was when I walked back to my car and saw a very big eastern brown snake slither out from under my car
and head off into the bush (I left the drivers side door open, doh) ..I was there like 5 minutes tops and he/she scared the beejees out of me...anyway,
here it is, the treeline not the snake- I dont chase snakes into bushland. For the entire trip back to Brisbane I
was looking about in the car for snakes and checked it twice at 2 servos..stupid.


17-10-2009, 8:11am
You stuck this in 'fun' David, so I can't really give you much in the way of critique?

17-10-2009, 10:05am
Lucky the snake didn't go into the car :eek: I would have been checking it out also a heap after that

17-10-2009, 11:06am
Lucky the snake didn't go into the car :eek: I would have been checking it out also a heap after that

Yes Cat, I am not known for appreciating the wonder and beauty of snakes, they simply freak me out; no I wont be leaving the car door open on the side of the road again :rolleyes:

Rick: yeah mate I realised that AFTER I posted it... sent you a PM on this subject.