View Full Version : My First Wedgy

Dizzy Photographics
12-10-2009, 2:19pm
IQ is horrible...i know...i would love to have got a bit closer to it but didnt want to scare it off before i even got the chance to push the button. It started on the post one back from there and i watched it take off and took about 30 shots of it doing so...along with the half a dozen crows that thought they could take it on...the IQ of those images is far worse than this one though...was awesome to watch...i just couldnt get a good enough focus on it :(

12-10-2009, 2:39pm
oh Deb, thats AWESOME! I have a shot almost exactly the same from the exact same spot, they must be nesting near there! What a great job for your first one :D

12-10-2009, 3:29pm
Great that able to get a shot of one even that far away :) hope you'll be able to get closer ones soon :)

Dizzy Photographics
12-10-2009, 3:46pm
Funny you should say that Kirsty...is that another one up there in the very far right corner??

Thanks Miaow...i was stoked that i could get something of it at least. I have seen them closer but thankfully i was safely in my vehicle as i very slowly dodged it while it was standing in the middle of the highway accross the nullabor feasting on a carcus of some kind...it was massive...absolutely massive!

13-10-2009, 9:26pm
ah wow, the crows look so small compared to the . . is it Wedge Tail eagle? Great images.

Dizzy Photographics
13-10-2009, 11:08pm
They did look really small in comparison lol...i do believe it to be a Wedge Tailed Eagle yes

Thanks :)