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27-08-2009, 5:18pm
Maybe a silly question ,,, but im gonna sk it anyway casue I dont know the answer :D

When you buy plug-in software online, and receive only a Product Key via email or whatever, and no CD/DVD hard copy, what happens if you buy a new machine or want to reinstall the program for some reason ??

For eg. I have Nik Software plugins for Aperture that I paid bloody good money for, nearly $400, and only got a product key to activate the program. I am thinking of buying Noise Ninja for Aperture as well.

If I buy another mac, would i just download the trial version again from their site and enter the product key to install and activate it again on the new machine ??

Ive always wondered how this would work if you didnt have a hard copy.

27-08-2009, 5:22pm
You would have to check with the individual companies I would think Darren. Does it have the info on their FAQ page or shoot them an email to check first?

27-08-2009, 6:05pm
I own a mac and have downloaded software as well such as Quicktime Pro and Fetch (ftp). Both use a product key which work just fine after having to reinstall onto a new mac. As long as your product key is "valid" it should work fine. If not, email the company and they should have you on file as a customer and may send you a new product key.