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mal from cessnock
16-08-2009, 11:47pm
I did a shoot today in bright afternoon sun and had difficulty reading the exposure etc data through the viewfinder. Does anyone else experience this and do you have a tip to rectify the problem? Personally I can't see that there would be, but maybe it's worth asking :cheeky33:

Subsequently I needed to adjust ½ to 1 stop to RAW files on PC.

17-08-2009, 12:19am
hi Mal.

if you are referring to the clarity of the display in terms of contrast/fuzziness, there should be a diopter adjustment on the side of the viewfinder that allows you to dial in the focus of the viewfinder for your eyes.

another thing that the led displays also do, is that they vary the brightness of the led display, based on the prevailing light conditions. So that if you were shooting in darkness, the led brightness of the info in the display will dim, and conversely should brightne up if you are shooting in very bright conditions.

if the brightness level of the display was the issue, there amy be a menu setting to turn viewfinder brightness off/on/auto :confused:(but I've never seen that in my Nikons menu system) or alternatively, maybe the light sensor that takes a reading is not working, and the viefinder display is now permanently dim????

you can check this by pointing the camera into a bright light source(a 60W room light is more than ample), and using your hand in front of the lens as a shield to quickly dim the viewfinder, and see if the display dim down automatically as well. flick you hand in front of the lens quickly too see if the LED display changes in brightness.

hope that helps.

mal from cessnock
17-08-2009, 12:45am
Thanks Arthur.

It's a brightness/contrast issue. I don't think my 5DM2 has an adjustment, but I'll check.

Shots captured in "normal" light today were spot on.


17-08-2009, 6:58am
I have this problem all the time at the surf. I just whip it down real fast after a half click and have a look at the top display.

17-08-2009, 9:05am
It's a brightness/contrast issue. I don't think my 5DM2 has an adjustment, but I'll checkIt does have a setting by default it's set to auto, whether the adjustment affects the viewfinder display I'm not sure. I usually find that by pressing my eye closer to the viewfinder and blocking stray light, the display is easily read.

mal from cessnock
17-08-2009, 2:43pm
Now we're on the money Angelo - that's what I found myself doing too!

It's enough to make a fella start shooting in Av or Tv - but I so like my M

Phil - I can't make an improvement by getting any closer - ah! forgot to mention I was using my angle finder attachment too - but I didn't think it significant enough to say earlier.

Thanks guys :)