View Full Version : Dark Images

Graeme Buckland
16-08-2009, 8:20pm
I have been having a problem with my b/w images, i process them in ps cs4 and
they look great, I then have them printed and they come back very dark. Today I opened one of the images not in ps and it came up on the screen very dark, so I then opened it in ps and it was perfect. Can someone give an reason why. Thanks:confused013

16-08-2009, 8:29pm
definitely something to do with monitor calibration profiles, I reckon.

don't know where to access that kind of setting in PS, but all (good) image editing software allows you to select a monitor profile.

monitor calibration profiles have an .icm file extention.


16-08-2009, 9:14pm
looks good in PS looks dark otherwise, check colour space.eg srgb or abobe rgd or other.
not something I know alot about but hope it helps:D good luck