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11-08-2009, 12:23am
Hi all, I hope you can help.

Iv'e got a real problem with a simple task.

I want to batch save a folder of .tif files to a new folder of jpeg files. I create the action and then run a test on one image...all good. However when I run the batch only the first image comes in as a jpeg, all the rest save as .tif? which is their current state.
I can run my USM action and any other actions I want over the whole folder (100 images+) no problem, but this action will only apply to the first file???? The rest are just copies of my original tif files:confused013 . I'm pulling my hair out over this!

I perform this task at work on both Mac & PC platforms but my home PC won't do it. I'm running CS3 at home. Could it be something in my settings at home? Or do I just drink too much beer when I get here? I dunno, it maybe a combination of both :rolleyes:

Anyways help would be appreciated.

11-08-2009, 7:17am
I have had this exact same issue. It was some time ago now and from memory it has something to do with the file naming. I remember it took me ages to solve it, but can't remember the exact details (I am talking 3-4 years ago now).

12-08-2009, 9:10pm
Thanks for your reply.....I have isolated the problem.
You can't have the "open" function in your action. I played around and deleted stuff from my action one by one to work this out. When you setup a batch the open function is automated and it must cause some kind of conflict if "open" is a part of your action. Who knows but now it works with an action of "save as" "close" NO "open".