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mal from cessnock
04-08-2009, 1:52am
Fellow board members, can you export Keywords to CS4 Bridge from Lightroom 2.4?

I have added keywords to hundreds of images using Lightroom and when I open Bridge only a few of these keywords appear. One image is registered to a particular keyword even though there are many images I have allocated that keyword to.

The majority of my allocated Keywords don't appear in Bridge and I can't find anywhere in Bridge or Lightroom to ensure the Keywords are embedded in the image.

04-08-2009, 8:24am
If you have Bridge/ACR set to store the metadata in XMP sidecar files, Lightroom will pick those up when it imports the images. That includes keywords

That works for transferring from bridge to lightroom, so my guess is it will work in reverse, so make sure you have metadata set to store in XMP sidecarfiles in Bridge.

mal from cessnock
04-08-2009, 2:38pm
Thanks Ricktas for your reply but there a few points I am unclear about.

1. Bridge AER - Please explain. I am using Bridge CS4 - we talking the same software?

2. I have looked in preferences and scrolled down the hella long list in Metadata but have been upable to find anything alluding to "store metadata in XMP sidecar files" - am I looking in the right place and have missed it or is this tweak found somewhere else?

Really appreciate you help.

mal from cessnock
05-08-2009, 2:14am
I've got it!

To have lightroom export assigned keywords so they are visible in Bridge - select files, then goto lightroom/metadata/save metadata to files.

Too easy :th3:

Thanks Ricktas for your interest :)

05-08-2009, 7:06am
welcome Mal, knew it had to be simple once you understood how the data is attached to the files by lightroom etc