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15-07-2009, 12:24pm
For easy PMing... (PM me to get this updated, add or remove) ... in alpha order...

Active Member PM list for: South Australia
A J Alderson; acko; adavis59; Andrele; Andrew; Arg; ashbox; aussie girl; Bart; beeps; Bercy; Blackberner; boba; Burrster; cale; carnige; Cocoajam; coyote1; cphosavanh; DS988; dtoh; Dug; Dylansmum; Etarip; evanliphotography; fadiya; fauxtographer exposed; feral1; Floribunda; gordoj035; gorillagirl; Greg Johnston; Grumbly; gweneth; HappySnapper; HelenClaire; HJphoto; inspireevery1; jackassp; JAM; jamesyu; JayR; jjnic; JM Tran; Kaz67; Ken; KevPride; kinetic; Kym; LadyV8; LP12; markjr; Marika; Mathy; michaellxv; Mick; Mike Taylor; MilanB; Miyuki; moebius; montage; mortalitas; Ms Monny; Mundy; neds1; nuoz; nuoz2; PaulMac; Peebee; petetiller; pixy; Planted; Quanita; r30rush; Rae; Rags; rbat; reney03; Richard Hall; RJD; rjw231; ROA44; Ruski; scheery; scoobs; secludedsea; shazlox; simonr23; Simsya580; sinequanon; smp; stevo01; steve2509; sugarcourt; Transformer; wedgtail; Willow5075; wolffman; xenon2000;

Non SA who want's to be here: Speedway (near the Border)

11-09-2018, 8:29pm
I am from South Australia

12-09-2018, 5:22pm
I am from South Australia

Greetings from another Adelaideian!

Above list is rather out of date, but there are quite a few of us on the forums :th3: